Governing council

Governing Council works with the Principal to help set and monitor the direction of Karcultaby Area School and Karcultaby School Based Preschool.

The role of a Governing Council is to:

  • Involve the local community
  • Develop and approve local policies
  • Set the broad direction and vision of the site
  • Monitor and review the site improvement plan

Governing Council consists of fourteen members, seven are elected to two-year terms. Nomination forms will be in the school newsletter in the first week of the school year, ready for the annual general meeting which is held in February. The committee for the year is formed at the AGM which could include voting for members. The Principal is a member ex officio.

The Governing Council meets twice per term and hears reports from the principal including an explanation of the progress of the site improvement plan and budget, as well as from representatives from the Early Years Committee, Parents and Friends, Staff, Ag and the Student Action Team.

The Governing Council oversees the organisation of the cropping program on the school’s land every year.


The following committees report to the Governing Council: 

  • Finance Advisory Committee 
  • Parents and Friends Committee 
  • Agriculture Committee

Governing Council constitution

Read our Governing Council constitution.

Visit the governing councils section on the department’s website for more information.