About our school

Karcultaby Area School opened in 1977 as a result of the amalgamation of Minnipa Area School and Poochera Special Rural School.

Our school is unique, as it caters from Preschool to Year 12 and is located in the middle of the bush, on 300 acres of land.

We tailor the learning environment to student’s interests and needs, including offering Agricultural programs and specialist subject choices. We have a range of specialist learning environments – such as a swimming pool, large oval area and activity room – to enhance student learning.

Our staff collaborate, reflect, innovate and strive towards achieving our shared purpose for education. They acknowledge the importance of providing our students with a voice in a safe, supportive learning environment. Our staff are inclusive, foster students’ wellbeing and challenge students to become effective life-long learners.

At Karcultaby Area School, we recognise parents as our student’s first educator and feel privileged to work alongside families to achieve desired outcomes. Families are invited to contribute to the decisions related to the school and encouraged to join Early Years Committee, Governing Council and Parents and Friends committees.

We are very proud of the quality education offered at Karcultaby Area School and pleased our graduates have gone on to great successes as adults. Due to the individualised nature of our work with students, we have graduates in a wide variety of professions – as well as being respectful and active members of society.

Current enrolments

Our School currently has 79 enrolled students

Our vision

Our vision at Karcultaby Area School is to provide a safe, inclusive and equitable learning environment that develops competent and respectful life-long learners with the skills and knowledge to succeed in life, contribute to their community, and achieve their goals.

We aim to cater for diverse learning styles, promote emotional wellbeing, and prepare our students for the future by providing high quality educational opportunities for all – regardless of financial position or social standard – to help them progress in life and to love learning.

Our values


Respect means treating others the way you want to be treated. It’s about showing kindness, understanding and consideration for everyone around you.


Responsibility means being accountable for your actions and choices. It’s about making the right decisions and taking care of tasks that are expected of you.


Perseverance means staying determined and not giving up, even when things get tough. It’s about facing challenges with courage and believing in your ability to overcome them.

The path our children took started with Play Group and Rockin' Readers as newborns, then to Karcultaby School Based Preschool, and now primary school. Our daughter and son look forward to attending KAS every single day. The year levels intermingle regularly, creating beneficial bonds with older students and future teachers. I find this unique to KAS and it has been very valuable to our children enjoying their schooling. They are also learning important social skills as they grow older. It's a wonderful school community to belong to.

Roanne Scholz

Parent of Karcultaby Area School and Preschool Student